This little town of mine


     I'm starting to have an obsession with sneakers. I want to wear them with anything and everything. This time I went for casual with a touch of glamour: classic jeans, white men's shirt, statement necklace and a zebra clutch. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of the animal print, especially zebra. Just saying 'zebra' sounds funny to me and so not related to fashion but I bought this clutch because I like the cream leather and black velvet insertions. Plus it looks good. I guess there are zebras and zebras:))
     I think this outfit is very '90s. Remember the '90s? The extra large shirts and t-shirts tucked into the classic or high waisted blue jeans?  It's kinda like that except for the statement necklace that really makes the outfit stand out. I thought it would look too masculine without it and I'm a girly girl at heart:) I also liked the idea of sneakers and statement jewellery. It's comfortable, it's chic and the combinations are endless.
     Moving on to a different topic, how cool is this little town of mine for having a Walk of Fame? Every summer there's a festival and every popular performer that was a part of it has his own star on the sidewalk. I will be moving to a bigger city soon and I'm excited about it but I'm gonna miss Mangalia so much. Living by the sea... I think there's nothing like it. The salty air, the cool summers, the beaches... getting tanned and listening to the waves and Lana del Rey while having a frozen cocktail on a Wednesday, at noon... what's better than that? I'm getting nostalgic and I haven't even left. But I guess that's life. We need to move on so that we can evolve. It's called growing up and it's painful. I just hope it's worth it.

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