There's a talented Romanian singer who's songs I'd like to share with you. Her name is Lucia and she has such a beautiful voice and some pretty amazing songs. Here are my favorites:

 Lucia- Silence
 Lucia- Me Over You
 Lucia- Make Up Song
      I thought this photo would go well with her music. You can find more photos of this vintage dress in my first post here.
      I've been absent for the past few days because I've been lacking inspiration. The weather hasn't helped either. It's very cold and windy and it even snowed a bit. I spent my days reading and drinking coffee. A lot of coffee. Not for the effect it has but for the taste. I should buy some decaff I guess ...if I want to sleep again. It is nice to stay in your sweats and do nothing but read, browse online and listen to music. This 'vacation' of mine is gonna be over soon and I'll be swamped again but that's okay. That's what all the coffee is for:)

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