Rock chic

     What is it about sunglasses that make you feel so cool while wearing them? It's kinda like when you listen to an awesome song on your Ipod and you're walking down the street feeling like a badass from an action movie. I rarely wear sunglasses because of my eyeglasses. Usually when I do, the first 30 minutes feel like I'm half blind and someone turned off the lights:)) That's until my eyes adjust to the new changes. After that, it gets better. I am thinking of getting contacts but not for permanent use because I've been wearing eyeglasses for such a long time, I feel naked without them.

     These photos were taken in a place that's very popular in the summer. Vama Veche is a village near the border with Bulgaria and starting with May 1st it becomes the place to be for rockers, punkers and boho people. There's folk rock music, inexpensive drinks and low inhibitions. It's not my cup of tea but it can be fun! If you're the backpack type of tourist, you should check it out.

     As for the outfit, I wanted something comfortable and chic with some rock vibes. So I went for the faux leather jacket, black tee, ripped jeans and over the knee boots. The accessories consisted of a necklace, three bracelets and a set of rings that I find very fun to wear cause you can mix and match. I didn't think to snap pics of the jewellery too but I took some after pics that you can find below.
     Hope you find it inspiring!


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