Miniprix trench, Asos top, Skechers sneakers, no name bag& jeggings

     I have been waiting to wear this pair of red pants for a while now but because I used to wear them a lot during Spring, they felt more suitable for warmer days. They also lost their appeal because for a long time they were my go-to pants for whenever I had to run errands, do the groceries or even take out the trash :-|
     We had a couple of warmer days and I decided it's time to reinvent these jeggins and peel off the label I put on them of  'the pants I wear when I'm too lazy to put on a skirt'...or something like that. I didn't go for a crazy or unusual outfit but for something casual and chic.
     I paired the pants with a metallic grey top, grey trench and white sneakers. The top is actually backless and I would have loved to snap a few pics without the trench on but people were  already staring. Actually, at some point, there was a middle-aged man that took his phone out and started taking pics. How weird is that? I didn't know whether to run or pose.
     I find the staring very rude. I understand a look or two but actual staring, for minutes on end? I never know how to react to that. These people are usually in their 50's so they don't stare cause I have such a great fashion sense or because they find me so inspiring:))  and I don't think my outfits are inappropriate in any way so it makes this even more confusing for me. I read somewhere you should stare them down with a smile. But what if they smile back? Should we do a group photo?:)) Perhaps I should make cards with my blog address on them and just give them away to those who appear to be so intrigued. All jokes aside, I live in a small town and I think that anything that seems out of the ordinary will draw some attention. Wanted or not. I can understand that but I still find the staring very rude. I'd rather have them come and ask me what I'm doing than these 'stop and stare' moments. I'd gladly explain; or at least try to.
     Okay, enough with the ranting. I can't wait for actual Spring to come so that I can spend more time outside. There's a moment in late Spring that I just love. It's around that time when cherry trees are in full bloom or maybe even a bit later. It's the evening. The sun is setting, it's still warm, the air is fresh and you just feel like you HAVE TO go out. It's the first time after a long winter that the city comes alive at night. It's the first evening that you can feel the energy in the air, the first evening you can hear people enjoying themselves outside, talking, laughing, having fun, making noise, staying up late....and it's contagious. It makes you wanna dress up, go out  and celebrate this new found energy.
      I don't know if anyone can relate to this. I have been living by the sea for 10 years and Constanta is the kind of city that never sleeps in the summer time but that can be quite depressing out of season. I guess that here Spring and Summer's arrival come with bigger changes than in other parts of the country: new cafes, new restaurants and bars, new social activities and places you can have fun... And it feels like it all starts one evening, in late Spring.

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