The other day I was thinking about making a post on one of my favorite band's ever and today I saw someone posting one of their songs on facebook. I took it as a clear sign that I MUST write the post because this band is so awesome and not so many people know about it. They're not mainstream and, on one hand, that's good because I assume this way there's no pressure on them to be more commercial(not that they would ever do that) but on the other hand, they're not so popular and that's a shame. The band is called Beirut and Zach Condon is the brilliant man that started it. I've watched so many interviews with him and read so many articles about him that I almost turned into a groupie:)) Well, he's cute but he's also so talented! He plays so many instruments that he taught himself. The first album, Gulag Orkestar, he recorded by himself in his bedroom and finished it in the studio. Then the albums The Flying Club Cup, March of the Zapotec and The Rip Tide followed. Their music is a mix of Balkan folk, indie and world music and it's magical. I find it so inspiring and uplifting. If you've never heard of them and you wanna hear something different than the commercial indie music, give it a try!
     Here are a few of my favorite songs:
Beirut- Elephant Gun
Beirut- Nantes
Beirut- Guyamas Sonora
Beirut- Mount Wroclai

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