White Winter Hymnal

     The one time I wear suede boots and it starts snowing:)) Luckily, the moment the water dried off, they were like new again. To be honest, I didn't mind the snow at all. Where I live it barely ever snows and what's winter without big, sticky snowflakes?:) I had fun shooting these pics. To me it would have been a great day with or without ruined suede shoes. It feels magical when it snows and the best moment was when I had a hot cup of coffee in a cafe that has its exterior wall made entirely out of glass. It was like I was sitting outside in the snowfall but without getting wet or feeling cold.
     I've been waiting for the perfect time to take pics with this fur coat. I wore it this winter every chance I got and let me tell you: it is wonderful. I could wear a bathing suit underneath it and I still wouldn't be cold. Plus, I love its caramel/cognac color. It was money well spent. I hope I have the time and inspiration to take more pics with it in the future.
     Changing the topic (well, not really), there are big sales in every store. Cool stuff. If you can get past the madness, the shoving and the pushing, it can be quite fun:)) From experience, I suggest you don't go unless you have a list of items you need. Otherwise it's confusing, overwhelming, depressing even:)) I didn't need anything in particular and I'm glad that this time I wasn't sucked into all that craziness. I got off easy with just a couple of pair of socks :)) So make your list, go in and go out.
     Here's a beautiful song to go with the snow:  Birdy- White Winter Hymnal
     Have a wonderful week!


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