Summer Nostalgia

     The extreme cold weather from the past couple of days really got me thinking of Summer. I miss it. I love Winter but this one, this year, kinda sucked. It was either warm and cloudy or freezing and sunny. No snow for me. Not when it mattered. So, yeah, I miss Summer.
     I made this cute skirt today. The girl who sews the buttons not only to the shirt but to the couch covers too, that girl made a skirt. Yeah, I can't sew. But clever girl that I am, I found a way to make the skirt without it. I always wanted a puffy tulle skirt. You know, the Carrie Bradshaw type, the kind you can wear on its own or as a petticoat. I finally have it and obviously I want to wear it. I'd wear it now dammit but it's 3am and I have no place to go:)) Would be weird if I did. Anyway, if it were Summer I could wear it, even at 3am. The party never stops around here during the hot season.
     And speaking of hot, here are some music videos with strong Summer vibes that are probably the reason I'm so nostalgic: Klingande- Jubel      Duke Dumont- I Got U    Sigma- Nobody To Love
     Have a great day/night!

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