Sneakers and coat


Pull&Bear sweatshirt, blue jeans classic cut, Skechers sneakers, Asos bag, Rinascimento coat

     I admit I wasn't a sneakers/coat fan at first but somehow it grew on me and I wanted to give this combination a chance. I like the result. The sunny weather inspired me to wear lighter colors that put me in a really good mood and reminded me of Spring:)
     The other day I was browsing through some photos of myself and noticed that my style is all over the place:)) There's a reason for that though. Growing up I used to wear casual/sporty outfits and it wasn't because I was active in any sport but because it felt comfortable. Then the girly girl in me woke up and I started being interested in girly clothes, tiaras and sparkles:)) Then I toned it down a bit and here we are. My style is all over the place because I am still exploring and I think that's good. Trying a little bit of everything can be so much fun. I am aware there will be awful outfits and awkward moments and embarrassing photographs down the road but so what? Maybe in ten years my kids and I will look at the pics and laugh about it. And they will ask ' Mom, what were you thinking?' :))

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