Music- Years & Years

     That's a random photo I took while playing with my camera. I wanna share a few songs I have on repeat these days and I thought to include a pretty picture, nothing fancy:)
     I rediscovered the band Years & Years and I think if their music can make me dance alone in my living room, then it deserves a post! If you feel like you know the lead singer is because you probably do. He played in the TV series SKINS. He's cute too, in an awkward, geeky kind of way:)
     Here are the links. The first song, Real, is my favorite and yes, that's the one I dance to. You should try it. It's liberating ;-)
     Years & Years- Real
     Years & Years- King
     Years & Years- Take Shelter
     Years & Years- Desire
     Years & Years- Traps
     Years & Years- Memo
     Years & Years- Breath

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