Mad sea

     I keep making changes to this blog and I have to admit, I have no idea what I'm doing:)) I'm still learning and I hope I am going in the right direction. I obviously have no help from anyone so bare with me:) I'll get there.
     I had such a great weekend. I spent it with Boyfriend watching movies, talking, laughing, cooking... good times!:) We didn't leave the house except for Saturday when we went for a walk and that's when we took these photos. The weather was nice as in warm and not so windy but the sea was so agitated. It was interesting to watch the waves swallowing the beaches almost entirely. I posted a pic of it below and even though I couldn't capture the big waves, you should know it's not supposed to be so close to the sidewalk.
     The one time it's not windy and my hair isn't blown over my face, and I have a bad hair day:)) I didn't mind so much then but looking at the photos, I mind now:)) As for the outfit, I went for something that seemed simple at first but with a knot and a couple of bracelets, turned into something less boring or predictable. Hope you like it! The baby blue shirt is so pretty and I feel like these photos don't do it justice but that's okay because I plan to wear it more often and maybe then I'll remember to snap a pic of the perforated details on the collar and sleeves. To give the outfit a little edge I threw on the leather jacket. The oversize bag is one of my favorites, not that I have tons of bags to play favorites because I threw most of them away, but this one is special because Boyfriend bought it for me. Plus it's so pretty and I can carry my whole house in it:))
     I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! xoxo

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