How to look great in anything you wear

     There are some women on this planet that whatever they wear, it looks wonderful. Blake Lively is definitely one of them. Sure, she's pretty and she has a nice body, she's tall and has beautiful blonde hair but I don't think that's the reason she looks stunning in everything she puts on. I think it's about the way she wears the clothes, the way she holds the bags, the way she walks....hmm, I sound like her stalker but I'm not. I'm not even a die hard fan of her. However, I find her interesting to observe. I think the secret is how comfortable and relaxed you are not only with yourself but with what you wear.
     We all like to dress up once in a while, if not all the time, but how many of us feel totally relaxed and comfortable like that? Instead of paying attention to our conversations, surroundings, whatever, we are more focused on how we walk on those stilettos, on if our dress got wrinkled or if our make up got smudged. And a million other things that are probably normal to worry about but, unfortunately, that makes you look unnatural and tense. No piece of clothing is gonna look amazing on someone that walks like a robot. I think Blake discovered that long before I did and that's why she could even wear a sack and still look fabulous. It's all about being confident and natural with a hint of grace.

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