Great TV Series To Watch

     I'm sitting here browsing and watching TV and there's Dowton Abbey on and it made me think of all the TV series I've watched and loved. I thought I would make a list of what I consider to be the best ones.
     I'll start with Friends, my all time favorite! Everyone heard of it and everyone watched at least one episode. It's a timeless series that you can watch again and again because it never gets boring. I know the lines by heart and I still watch it once a year.

Then, another timeless, Sex and the city. Again, a series everyone watched and loved and for a good reason. You can relate to each character because there are 'pieces' of those girls in all of us. Another series I would recommend to all the girls is Gilmore Girls. Awesome show, great characters, witty lines. It's a must see!

     I also HAVE TO mention That '70s Show. It's fun and funny and one of the most underrated comedy series of all time if you ask me. You must check it out! And to stay on the funny side of things, there's also Seinfeld, one of the best comedy shows ever.

     Whenever I am asked to recommend a TV series, weather it's for a man or a woman, I always go with Rome. An HBO series that, like almost everything they do, is a masterpiece. It might be a bit too bloody for the female viewers but it's worth it. After you finish it you feel like you want more, more! And because there isn't more, you'll want to watch it all over again. And you will because it's that good! To keep it in the HBO family, another series that I loved is Boardwalk Empire. The action takes place in the 1920's in Atlantic City during the Prohibition. Great characters, great plot, great everything! I am a little behind with my episodes because, like with Homeland, it is not something you watch while you eat your lunch or dinner. It deserves your full attention.

     To move to something less serious but equally dramatic, there's Grey's Anatomy. So far, it has been a great show. I love it but I think it might be time for it to end before it becomes predictable. House, another doctor series, is also very good, probably much better than Grey's Anatomy to be honest.

     I really like The Vampire Diaries. I have a tendency to watch shows that have their main characters in high school ( like The O.C., One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars) and I think it's because my high school sucked so this is my way to make up for it:))

    This is my list of great TV series to watch. I hope you find it interesting. There are many other good ones and I think I will write another post about those too. Until then, have a great night!:)

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