Wrapped in his coat


     Whenever I am bored with my clothes or I can't seem to find anything I like in my wardrobe, I break into his :) His sweaters, his t-shirts, his shirts, his coats! I am a fan of the oversize trend and because I am petite, it's one trend I find easy to follow because almost everything is oversize on me haha!  I might look like a hobo from time to time but who cares as long as I feel comfortable and pretty.
     This time I had my eyes on his coat and apart from the sleeves that were too long and that I had to roll up, it fitted me okay. It was warm and comfy and for a day I had a new coat without spending a dime :D I don't make a habit of this because that would be weird but it's nice to know there are other options a few hangers to the left:)

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