Red plaid in yellow park

plaid skirt


   I finally have some time to post. I don't know how but I never have enough time to do everything on my to do list and trust me, it's a small list. I'm either very lazy or I am incapable of prioritizing. Or both, which is sad. Anyway, Romania has elected its new president and I'm happy with the result. So far, so good. I'm not into politics but when important things happen I feel that is my duty, our duty, to get more information and be more involved.After all, it's about my future and my children's future. Having no interest is not an option. Plus, I was indifferent enough when I was in my early twenties so I also have some catching up to do.
   Now back to fashion. These pics were taken a week ago when the weather was still easy to work with. Now it's all foggy, dark and sometimes rainy. I don't mind the fog or the rain but who turned off the lights? It's so dark all day long and since I am not and don't have around a professional photographer, my pics turn out to be unusable. I might have to compromise soon and post whatever comes out of my camera:(
   Now about this outfit... very school girl like, don't you think? I hated my uniform in high school and now look at me all plaid up:)) To be fair, the uniform from back then wasn't like this one at all. No plaid and no red. Just black and grey. It had these very nice buttons that I still have but the rest of it is history. Looking back it was a nice uniform but at that time I didn't like it at all.
   The plaid skirt was my mother's. It was much longer, mid calf, but since I'm a short girl I had to alter it drastically. The sweater is from a thrift shop and the grey jacket from New Yorker. Hope you like it!

red plaid skirt
yellow leaves

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