This post is about the coat. And the scarf. And the knitted pants. And the glittery nail polish. It's about a lot of things, apparently:) Seriously now, how cool are the knitted pants in general? I for one love them because, unlike jeans, these pants actually keep you warm. I used to wear them a lot when I was little and I'm glad they are back. I just hope they are here to stay and that we'll have more and more styles to choose from.
   Next is... the nail polish that is simply awesome. It's like Christmas in a bottle. Or like crushed silver ornaments (I'm very dramatic today). It's from Golden Rose, the Holiday edition, and I wish I could buy them all. I have tried 6 of them and fell in love with each and every one. You find them in cosmetic stores or online. For online shopping I suggest .If you're not from Romania then just google it and I'm sure there's someone out there selling it. The Holiday nail polish has texture once it's dry, even the ones that don't have any sparkle- crushed ornaments, like I said before.:) Behold, the catalog:

     I have tried 51, 53, 54, 55, 60, 67 . You need to apply two coats for the catalog look but it lasts more than your regular nail polish. For me, around 4-5 days. It would last even longer but my nails grow very fast.

     Ok, I'm running out of time so I'll quickly check the other items this post is about. So... coat: like cotton candy with no food coloring ;-), scarf: so red it blinds you but I liked the contrast. It's like nail polish number 64 up there:)
     Have to go. Toodles!

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