The Nanny, Fran Fine

   I finally have some down time so here I am:)
Have you ever watched 'The Nanny'? I think a lot of us saw at least a couple of episodes. I saw them all, more than once, and I have to say that woman has some great outfits on her. It's obvious some of them were especially made for her character cause they're so well fitted, it's like they've been drawn on her. And even though I'm no Fran Fine, I wish I could wear some of those clothes. Sure, I'd want the skirts a little longer... just a little:) but otherwise, I wouldn't change much else. It's weird cause that's not my style at all and yet I love it so much. Maybe it's cause it look so good on her, maybe it's the patterns or the colors.. or maybe I've watched it too many times and, just like an awful trend, after a while of being visually bombarded with those items, they start to grow on you:)) I'm kidding.
   Fran Fine has style and style is not about what's trendy, it's about good taste and a certain elegance that you bring to no matter what outfit you put together.
   Here are some pictures of a few outfits she wore on the show.

P.S. : I love the piano skirt!

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