Lazy Sunday Mornings

preppy look
Preppy Autumn Look


When it comes to the little pleasures in life, there's nothing like a big cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. And because it's Sunday, this moment can last as long as you want...Like now, it's noon, and I'm still drinking it. There's no rush. And if there is, if you have plans to do something or be somewhere, I suggest you push it back a little and enjoy that coffee.

Today's look is preppy and the pièce de résistance is the tie. Vintage tie with silver thread and a cool pattern. You can dress like this for school or work. You could also replace the tie with a thin scarf tied into a bow and it would still look chic and preppy.

I hope you have a very nice Sunday and here's a nice song to go with it: Rouge Rouge ft. Karin Viard- Et Toutes Ces Choses

silver thread tie