vintage crochet dress
Vintage crochet collar dress


    It's nice to live by the seaside...the open space, the salty air and the sound of waves can inspire and center you. It's Fall already but I think that's the best time to take a walk on the beach. I read somewhere that in Romania, during the '20s, the elegant ladies and the fine gentlemen from all over the country would only come in September to the seaside. I guess they also thought that's the best time to be here.
    The pics I am posting here were taken a few days ago. The weather was still warm and pleasant and between shots I had fun chasing the seagulls :)) The dress I'm wearing is a vintage one I fished out from my mother's closet. It's in such good condition that it makes me believe it has never been worn. I love the crochet collar on it.
    I'm gonna leave you with a song that was on my mind all day that day, one of my favorites.   Death Cab For Cutie- Summer Skin