Burgundy braids

high waisted h&m jeans
High Waisted Jeans

   Hey guys!

Today it got colder and it rained all day. I stayed in and played with the blog's settings and stuff. I had no idea what I was doing and I messed it up :)) and then I had to spend a couple of hours fixing it. It still doesn't look the way I want but I'm gonna keep toying with the settings until I'm satisfied.
These pics were taken a couple of days ago on a rainy day. I figured it's the perfect opportunity to wear my new high waisted jeans that I got from H&M this month. I love them. They are so comfortable and even though I wasn't crazy about the color at first, I like it very much now.
And, believe it or not, those cute loafers are from Lidl:)) Lidl is set to take on Primark and it wants to branch out into women's fashion with a more wide collection like stretch jeans and leather jackets and ankle boots etc. I wasn't a loafers fan until I saw these ones. I think they're the comfortable yet chic pair of shoes that you could wear when you're in a rush. You could throw a white tee, a pair of jeans and voila: clean and simple.
I went for a same color shirt instead because I wanted to show off the jeans.
I'm gonna leave you with some pics and a song.  Watsky- Sloppy Seconds

burgundy shirt look

braids autumn look
burgundy loafers Lidl